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How to Predict and Avoid Defects in Plastic Part & Injection Mold Designs


Designing Plastic Parts & Injection Molds Has Never Been So Easy!



Did you know that companies using SOLIDWORKS Plastics for their plastic parts design and/or injection mold tools reduce risk?  By simulating the injection molding cycle, companies can predict and avoid costly manufacturing defects early in the design cycle; leading to improved part quality, less re-work, and ultimately decreasing cost and time to market.

In this brief, yet informative video, Symmetry Solutions Elite Application Engineer, Tim Newton will show you how effortlessly SOLIDWORKS Plastics (which is embedded directly into SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD) is able to predict common defects like short shots, weld lines and air traps, as well as a more complex phenomenon such as the way a naturally balanced runner system creates non-uniform filling patterns due to shear heating.

Tim begins the process by developing a mesh by using the automatic option that gives him a mesh in one click. Next, he uses the search tool, within a comprehensive database of over 4000 plastics, to locate a polypropylene with a melt flow index between 2 & 7.  Tim chooses the material after reviewing the material properties and determining that Plastics is the best option because of its time saving capabilities. Intelligent automatic defaults, like the fill time, ensure new users get started on the right track, however it is important to note that this can be manually controlled as well.

Finally, Tim assigns an injection location and starts the simulation.  During the calculation, SOLIDWORKS Plastics provides a preview of the solution.  Did you know that SOLDIWORKS Plastics can make recommendations and provide a preview of the flow patterns?  This capability allows the user to stop the study, adjust the gate and rerun in seconds.

At the conclusion of the simulation, Plastics pulls up an advisor that includes basic performance information through the use of light indicators (Red, Yellow and Green). In this particular scenario, the advisor lets Tim know he is well within the available pressure of the molding machine. Tim then reviews the fill animation from various orientations and creates videos to share with other stakeholders.

As you can see, using SOLIDWORKS Plastics allows you to predict and avoid manufacturing defects early in the design process.  It answers essential design and manufacturing questions BEFORE things get expensive.  When you’re ready to take a detailed look at how SOLIDWORKS Plastics can help YOUR company, please contact Symmetry Solutions.

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